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Is your computer's printer broken? Do you need help getting it back up and running? Call or email the BarCode Doctor to schedule an appointment to cure it of what ails it.

We service direct thermal and thermal transfer printer manufacturers, including these manufacturers:

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BarCode Doctor Preventative Care Maintenance Agreement Details

Why Preventative Maintenance is Important

Over time, the movement of media or ribbon across the printhead wears through the protective ceramic coating, exposing the print elements. Therefore, airborne particles and contaminants from environmental conditions where printers are located (industrial locations tend to have an above average amount of airborne contaminants) can collect themselves on the printer's sensitive components. This initially causes print quality issues and ultimately complete printhead failure.
Preventative maintenance works to minimize printhead wear and maintain print quality with regular cleanings of various printer components that are most affected by operating wear and environmental conditions. Such regular maintenance will extend the life of these at risk components and drastically reduce the cost of ownership.
An indirect benefit of regular maintenance is that other minor printer issues can be detected before they become major problems during maintenance procedures. This can save your company the service fees and travel costs because the service technician is already on-site for repair or install.

Description of Service

Complete preventative maintenance procedures, which include: Maintenance agreement does not cover the replacement of any parts or the labor associated with repairing or installing parts. All Maintenance Agreements are tailored to your company's needs so, Call Us Today For Estimate!